The big updates to BeeFense, VRog and Honey Run are online today


After two months of work, it’s finally done. We have taken your wishes and suggestions very seriously and have written three updates for your three favorite games, which are packed with new features.


The beginning is made by our little bear from “Honey Run”. For more than two years now, the little guy is thrilled with his challenging levels. Many have called for more and you should to get them. In addition, you now have new skills and ways to master the dangerous winter valley

Here are all the novelties in detail:

  • explore the new winter world with 10 snow-covered levels
  • attation there’s a new enemy: the hornets
  • uses new power ups, such as the honey magnet and the safety net,
    which prevents you from falling into one of the holes
  • choose one power up before you start the level
  • of course minor bugfixes were also implemented


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Just recently nominated for the German Developer Award and our agile frog has already received an update. With even more beautiful water, sharper contours and, above all, the new party mode, you will experience a great virtual world from the perspective of a frog. The special thing about VRog is that you experience the game without pushing a single button.


Here the novelties in detail:

  • improved menu navigation, experienced the fun as a frog bounce through life now too….already in the menu
  • improved surfaces, the floor, the water, the mirror and much more has a graphic fine-tuning, so that the world of Vroggy looks even more beautiful
  • discover the new “Party -mode”, to find out at a common Party which of you is the best frog in the pool
  • smaller bugs are a thing of the past


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Finally, our biggest update for BeeFense

For three months now the brave bees of our queen are fighting against the genetically modified hornets and a multitude of other enemies around their beloved honey. By the way, the player at BeeFense recognizes the importance of the bees for the ecosystem and threatens them.

With an improved tutorial, you’ll get even better into a game that now has the appropriate difficulty level for each type of player. Now you deserve additional honeydew and discover all sorts of new graphics and menus.

Here are all the details:

– nectar lacking slows down tower shoots and does not deactivate them anymore
– earn honeydew with watching a little consumer information film;)
– second chance at a lost level….continue
– revised tutorial
– new designed main menu
– ingame notes for new upgrades
– various changes for easier game play
– many bug fixes


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