Our History

Since 2008 already, our Chief Rocker Martin Knauf want to change fundamentally the thinking on computer games and their development. His vision is that computer games improve your life with the pure fun of “gaming” addition.

3 years ago we decided together that this vision become the cornerstone of any development. Games in which the player can grow in his personality. True to the sense: Those who mastering our games master they life copes better.

ByteRockers = Creative bytes and free-thinking rockers

We ByteRockers consciously live in a world of bits and bytes, and for the digital world, which inspired so many people. Our world consists of more than just yes or no, black or white. It is diverse, free and full of creative surprises.

We realize common purposes, where other local debt and Excel artists have taken the lead. The “Rocker” is free and only committed to the team and the project. The customer benefits and fun are the focus. The creative freedom brings innovation.

What we do:

Develop games

The name wasn’t clear enough in itself. Quite a lot of people asked: “What is it you actually do? Something digital probably.” So it was time to add a little extra information.

After long consideration, the word “Games” was appended, but not without one important addition: the apostrophe ensures that the original meaning of ByteRockers isn’t lost:

I wanted to remain free of external restrictions and go my own way unimpeded. This freedom is a fundamental part of our DNA that is reflected in the name: ByteRockers.

I wanted to be free of how others wanted me to solve things and take my own path. This freedom is an important part that is also reflected in the name: Byterockers.

Martin Knauf, Founder & CEO


With added value

We don’t see games as some kind of banal form of entertainment, but rather as a key element of modern pop culture, and not just since the Council for Cultural Affairs recognized games as an art form that is part of our cultural heritage.

Today, digital games embody the development of our culture, communication, interaction and the networking of modern society more than any other medium. For ByteRockers, creating games means continuously playing a key role in this ongoing change process.

Our philosophy

To meet the challenges of modern games development, ByteRockers’ Games has come up with a set of principles:

Self-organization gives us the freedom to achieve goals our own way. We make use of this freedom by defining our own subgoals and priorities, deciding how long each phase will take and making decisions without having to wait endlessly for information.
Creativity is the ability to come up with something new and original. We establish the creative freedom we need for the development of computer and video games by trying out new and unknown approaches to solving problems, considering the impossible, looking critically at our own routines and breaking rules that put the brakes on our problem-solving methodologies.
Responsibility means having the faith to stand up for your own actions. It also means recognizing our share of culpability when it comes to conflicts and failures and driving ahead with our self-development by actually doing things. Not to mention, ensuring our own efficiency and asking for help when we need it.
Efficiency is the yardstick for measuring the effectiveness of an activity to achieve a goal. To push ahead with our goals efficiently, we prioritize and process the necessary subgoals with foreseeable effort levels, make decisions when necessary and focus on the current subgoal.

A ByteRocker makes use of his organizational capabilities, responsibility, creativity and efficiency to develop innovative ideas that deliver added value for the gamers. Self-organization thus becomes the freedom to reach goals our own way. Responsibility is the prerequisite for standing up for your own actions.

Creativity is the ability to come up with something new and original. And efficiency describes an activity’s effectiveness to drive onwards towards the goal, by working through subgoals at predictable effort and expense levels and focusing on the subgoal at hand.

No … we do not make educational games

Meanwhile, it has been scientifically proven that when you play capabilities be strengthened, which are the players can use every day as clear thinking, appropriate communication and successful action. Of course, other computer games try to create an added value for the player. Unfortunately there is often lost the most important thing … .the game!

Because it is crucial that the player is motivated by erroneous handling or deliberate failures to try alternatives. Improve the handling of these challenges and the following automatically successfully tackling of  these problems on achievement subtly playful way also dealing with various challenges in everyday life.