Help Flip Fullfeather and rescue the world

Somersault  is a tribute to the classics of video gaming history. Flips world was occupied by evil machines who are ruthlessly exploiting the planet. Now he has to embark on a journey, to save his world and rescue the residents, who were kidnapped by the machines` leader Dr. Proto.

Somersault combines elements of action and jump `n` run games with a unique touch screen control in which player navigates Flip via a springboard that they draw on the screen. The game is designed completely in 3D and uses all capabilities of current mobile devices.

Somersault takes players on an exciting adventure divided in 19 levels taking place on five diversively designed worlds with a huge variety of enemies and friends alike.

Cooperation with Enter-Brain-Ment

Somersault for Android, iPhone & iPod was developed in cooperation with Enter-Brain-Ment. The original PC / Mac version has been enhanced with new gameplay features. The iOS version was published by Enter-Brain-Ment.

Somersault is not available any more.

Gameplay Video