Nominated for Best VR/AR Experience

VRog was created on behalf of Illusion Walk, a First-Person-Fly-Catching-Game for the Oculus Rift, GearVR and now for the Nintendo Wii U!

Become a frog and catch as many tasty bugs as possible. Amidst a lovely pond your task is to fill your belly as fast as you can either against time (Arcade Mode) or against the sinister stork (Survival Mode*). Be rewarded for one-sided food and use the BUG* to receive the best of all highscores!

Features at the Oculus Rift and the GearVR

Controlled via HMD only

  • Merely for starting the Game a keystroke is expected
  • Your line of sight determines your next action

Various different insects, some of which causing fascinating vr-effects

Positive effects:

  • Slow down the time in your surroundings
  • Get THE ultimate view

Negative effects:

  • Coach Your aiming from an unusual perspective

Two different game modes


  • React fast and catch yourselves the fattest prey
  • Catch as many insects as you can within 90 seconds


  • Flee before the stork, as soon as he swaggers in your pond around
  • Grab your food, as long as the Stork leaves you alone

Grab your free  Demo-copy of VRog and bewitched of an alternative reality!

Learn more about the development of VRog.

* only available in full version!

Oculus Rift - Trailer