From today you can download the alpha of our newest game!
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We are celebrating a premiere from today! We “ByteRocker” introduce something completely new:

A mixture of action and RPG. Extensive multiplayer shooter and top-down action experience.

In short, the company’s new flagship, our first full-fledged PC game: ScrapYard!

Everyone loves precious stones. We too. If you belong to it, you should be in the midst of a hostile world against others.

Players fight for valuable energy cores. In ScrapYard, you develop your own powerful character,

optimize your base and build your own maps.

Was ist mit dieser Welt geschehen und warum seid ihr hier? Fragen, die es im Spiel zu beantworten gilt.

The fight between man and machine

The alpha of ScrapYard means Cyborgs, robots and grotesque figures populated wilderness.

Everywhere is wafting smoke, contamination, scrap and strange structures.



Valuable energy cores

In doing so, you are in constant competition for the scarce resources. In order to expand

your character and base as much as possible, you and of course all other players need the valuable energy cores to become true combat machines.

Energy cores can be produced by yourselvee, but they can also be stolen. Therefore, you must balance between offensive and defensive.

The goal of the game is to climb up in the internal league.

Schwache Energiekerne können zu starken verschmolzen werden

The more energy you gain, the better the placement. In addition to the production of

the energy cores, you are constantly developing your own character by exchanging body

parts and optimizing your skills. You build your own map with puzzles, which defend you

with sophisticated defensive systems from the attacks of the opponents, or in the attack mode,

you control your own character in real time as cleverly as possible over the enemy’s card.

With the collected scrap, you can build strong items for your own ScrapYard.


Ein Beispiel einer "kleinen" Map im Mapeditor

An example of a “small” map in mapeditor

We wish you lots of fun playing ScrapYard.