It was exciting two months and we can hardly believe it, but in March it is time. We start the open alpha of our newest game. For the first time in our history, we are separated from the thoughts of a mobile game and create a full PC game. Join us on this exciting journey to the ultimate asynchronous multiplayer top-down action shooter!


The world is dark. Smoke, contamination, scrap and strange structures, as from a long forgotten time, characterize the landscape from ScrapYard. In between, grotesque-looking figures, half-human, half-machine cyborgs and monstrous robots.

The great Scrapmountain around which everything revolves.

The great Scrapmountain around which everything revolves.

The great Scrapmountain around which everything revolves.Experience this post-modern world and join in! As a simple person, you’ll find yourself between old television, packaging and vehicle tire again, only to realize that war reigns between humans and machines – and the most¬† disturbing of all- the boundaries between these sides are frighteningly low.


Why are you here?

Why are you here?

The player must constantly optimize his cybernetic character, exchange body parts, and equip them with energy cores, for example, to increase attributes such as firepower or speed. At the same time, he must always keep an eye on his base so that no attacker steals the precious cores.


Here you can see the modular character system

ScrapYard offers you various ways to improve your character not only visually, but also in its abilities. You have the option to modify your head, left arm, right arm, torso and legs. Is it better to have speed or firepower? Every map awaits you with new traps, enemies and puzzles, to which you have to adjust.

An example of a “small” map in the map editor

In ScrapYard you will have various traps, opponents, locks and other features. Use your valuable scrap as best as you can to build an impregnable fortress.

The Heist mode is pure action

ScrapYard always means two-way driving. On the one hand, you must protect yourself from enemy attack. On the other hand you must be active and “survive” your opposing maps. Fight yourselves, with yours
Skills, through the various, killing labyrinths of your enemies to end up valuable scrap and yet more valuable energy cores. Because the goal of the game is to have as many energy cores as possible.

Weak energy cores can be fused to strong

The target

The energy cores not only increase the performance of your individual cyborginplants, but also ensure for getting into the individual leagues. The higher the league, the better the defense systems and cyborg parts.

The possibilities of ScrapYard in all points are extremely numerous. You have the possibility to build huge deadly labyrinths and become at the same time an unstoppable combat machine. Manage your rare resources and make a strong defense or in the end you can lose everything.

Play in the various leagues with players from all over the world and climb the big Scrapmountain. What awaits you at the top?

Find out for yourself.


From March in the open alpha of ScrapYard!