That was the German developer prize 2016

The surprise was great when we received the email that we called as ByteRockers’ Games with our game VRog for the German developer prize 2016 in the category “Best VR / AR experience” nominated. Our little frog Vroggy was available for just one month for the Nintendo WiiU and the Oculus Rift, because it means that we are among the best 5 games of the year.

Of course, our goal was to create a unique player experience, in which we change the viewpoint of the player so strongly that he really thinks he is in the small body of a frog. The world looks very different from this perspective. VRog is also one of the few games on the market which is played without keys. From the menu, to the whole hunt, to the jumps from water lily to water lily, you control the little guy exclusively with your viewing direction. This was also one of the reasons why the jury found that VRog is a special player’s experience.

In advance, there were two days of lectures, symposia and discusion rounds, which the year 2016 from the point of view of the Gamingbranks had on the subject. Of course you also exchanged during the breaks with a coffee or a snack among each other, advised and already congratulated in advance to the individual achievements of the many present studios and newcomers.

In the evening we went from the “KOMED Mediagelände” to the very nicely decorated Palladium Köln. After a great buffet and a small “courrage sip” the time has come. Category by category the individual projects were presented and of course also awarded.

Where there are winners, there must also be losers, although this is a very hard word, because as a real loser has really felt no one here. Also for us it doesn’t reach for a award. We congratulate CRYTECK with its game “The Climb” for winning the price.

We take a lot of nice memories, even more interesting conversations and a huge motivation with to Berlin and we are quite sure that we all will see again in 2017 in Cologne.


Stylishly presented at the Palladium in Cologne….


…. expect more than 200 guests and nominated the start of the award ceremony


Moderator Uke Bosse proved as less style ;-P


But even in the dark, a shining appearance


Our favorite laudator 🙂


Now it was serious


Vroggy and his turtle were nominated as the best VR experience in 2016


The musical background was coherent 🙂


We congratulate all winners 2016 !!!!


Next time, hopefully with one of the coveted prizes 🙂