Our Games
more than just wasting time ...

  • Gelly Break (in development)

    Gelly Break is a fun, action-packed Coop Jump & Run puzzle game for the Nintendo SWITCH. Only together we will reach the goal! switch

  • We are home (in development)

    "We are home" (working title) is a VR multiplayer game in which you can play a collection of minigames with up to three friends at the same time. vive rift mixedreality

  • Purrling (Development paused)

    Take a miniature golf course, freeze it completely and let different animals slide on the frozen tracks. android

  • BeeFense

    Discover the world of the Bees and defend your Hive against natural enemies and the powerful Hornet swarm of mad Queen Hornetta! windows android ipad iphone winphone

  • VRog

    Leap your way across the beautiful pond and see what's on the menu. wiiu vive rift psvr mixedreality gearvr cardboard

  • Honey Run

    Honey Run is a fun skill game for the whole family with an elaborately staged world of 30+ levels. Honey Run offers classic Jump ‘n’ Run elements combined with dynamic gameplay and beautiful graphics. windows android ipad iphone winphone