our game development story

  • Game Honey Run

    Honey Run (2014)

    Honey Run is a fun skill game for the whole family with an elaborately staged world of 30+ levels. Honey Run offers classic Jump ‘n’ Run elements combined with dynamic gameplay and beautiful graphics. android ipad iphone winphone

  • Game Magic Beanie

    Magic Beanie (2013)

    Experience a beautiful designed endless runner about a cheeky caterpillar who eats magic beans to become the most luminous butterfly of the forest. The path is dangerous and full of obstacles which will put your reaction skills to the test. android ipad iphone

  • Game Flip Fullfeather: Somersault

    Flip Fullfeather: Somersault (2012)

    Your world is occupied by evil machine entities, which heedlessly exploit your planet and have kidnapped your friends. As „Flip Fullfeather“ endorse yourself into a crazy journey and rescue your friends from the hands of evil Dr. Proto. android ipad iphone