BeeFense - Save the Bees!
first bee tower defense game

Game BeeFense - Save the Bees!

Discover the world of the Bees and defend your Hive against natural enemies and the powerful Hornet swarm of mad Queen Hornetta!

ByteRockers’ Games is proud to present the cross platform version of its mobile tower defense game BeeFense for Android, iOS and Windows. This turbulent strategy and building game is available to download now from the stores.


As if a Bee’s life wasn’t busy enough already, now Queen Nectarina’s swarm has got Queen Hornetta to deal with as well! Actually, the Bees and the Hornets have always lived side by side in peace and harmony. Unfortunately, the humans’ pesticides have had an unfortunate effect on Hornetta…


Life in the Hive requires a great deal of different skills. Plan how to mine resources and select the most strategic locations for your towers to protect the Realm of the Bees and your precious stores of honey from natural enemies and environmental dangers! Keep track of your hive and put them tactically clever always where they are needed.

You’ll need Nectar to operate your defense systems. And by collecting Honey Dew, you can research some great upgrades. Complete all the challenges by making best use of your resources!

BeeFense currently offers the following great features:

  • 20 varied level
  • 5 powerful towers
  • 10 special tower features
  • various resources to collect
  • 2 special units

Save the Bees!

We hope that our Tower Defense game will make an active contribution to environmental protection. For millions of years, bees and other insects have played a key role in shaping our planet’s ecosystem. Unfortunately, environmental changes pose a great threat to bee populations all around the world.

Exciting missions convey the bees’ fight for survival – and show how mankind is impacting on nature.