Flip Fullfeather: Somersault

Game Flip Fullfeather: Somersault

Your world is occupied by evil machine entities, which heedlessly exploit your planet and have kidnapped your friends. As „Flip Fullfeather“ endorse yourself into a crazy journey through five visionary designed 3D worlds with 19 exciting levels. Jump, fly, fight and, rescue your friends from the hands of evil Dr. Proto.

With their light and shadow effects the visionary 3D world fully uses the potential of your Smartphone. Navigate „Flip Fullfeather“ by using a spring board, which you paint on the screen with your finger, and experience a singular and award-winning „gameplay“.

The intelligent fusion of action and jump'n'run elements combined with an intuitive touchscreen navigation makes „Somersault“ an incomparable homage to the classics of videogame history.

Winner of the „European Innovative Games Award“