Gelly Break (in development)

Game Gelly Break (in development)

Gelly Break is a Coop Jump & Run puzzle game for the Nintendo SWITCH.

The 3D comic style with an active camera provides a dynamic and varied gaming experience for both younger and older players.

The target groups are parents who want to play together with their children but also gamers, who enjoy local coop platformers. With the mobility of the Nintendo SWITCH, as well as the ability to play on a TV, Gelly Break is equally the perfect game for a shared evening on the couch, as well as on the go. (Schoolyard etc.)

Action and goal of the game

On the planet Gelly live the gallart-like Gellies.

Their existence is threatened by the evil Evil Blob. The players in the form of two Gellies, created in a laboratory, begin their adventure to save the planet, culminating in a final battle with Evil Blob.

Course oft he game

In the game you go through several single levels together. The easy entry and the varied levels result in short, crisp game sessions.

Over the course of the game, players keep getting new abilities.

As the game progresses, players will enjoy varied puzzles, challenging jump & run passages, and thrilling shooter passages with varying types of enemies.

At regular intervals it comes to miniboss fights with individual coping strategies.


Unique levels: on their journey the Gellies cross a lot of different levels where they have to face changing challenges

Difficulty: the player can choose the path of his or her own accord, from the relaxed round with the kids to challenging jump & run for advanced players

Alone or Co-op: the player can try to defeat Evil Blob alone or together locally with a friend

Multiplayer Value: each round Gelly Break results in a new gaming experience by choosing a different partner or choosing a different path

Color characteristics: green player can interact with green things (standing on platforms, activating switches, attacking certain enemy types, etc.), red player with red

Fusion: once the players are fused, they have special abilities (shooting, driving, flying etc.)

SWITCH function: players may be required from time to time to change positions during a merger/fusion

Common Life Energy: players share their life energy

Backpack Help: stronger (better) player can take weaker "piggyback" and help him through difficult passages

With Gelly Break there is the first Nintendo SWITCH cooperation game, which clearly focuses on playing together and simultaneously
give the player the experience to control two characters simultaneously and to experiment with those skills.

Play together

The Nintendo SWITCH hardware comes as standard with everything you need to play a co-op game, making it the ideal platform for Gelly Break.

Gelly Break resembles a board game. It wants to bring parents and children as well as friends closer together again, to play together again and not alone in front of a screen. Unlike other games, no additional hardware is needed. In addition, the Nintendo SWITCH as a handheld it is always and everywhere ready to use.

After only a few minutes, the catchy control provides for entertaining but always recurring fun game sessions, which can also challenge experienced players due to the adjustable difficulty level. The motto of Gelly Break is quite clear: "Stay together, play together!"

Expected release 3. quarter 2018!

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