Gravity Lane 981 (in development)

Game (in development) Gravity Lane 981

GRAVITY LANE 981 is our love letter to Portal. Similarly, you puzzles from room to room of a not-so-ordinary mansion and experiences the story of Stella, an inventor who springs from a famous family of criminals. Her newest invention is a gravity gun, which allows her to change the gravity at will. With the help of this gravity gun, the player now tries to move through the house on ceilings and walls in order to deactivate the accidentally activated doomsday bomb. The player is accompanied by a cynical hamster, who does not feel well in his role as a living battery for the Gravity Gun.


  • influenceable gravity
  • varied puzzles
  • lovingly designed rooms
  • an interesting story with many twists
  • a funny and engaging sidekick
  • a lot of black humor