Mountains Calling (in development)

Game (in development) Mountains Calling

Mountains Calling is a rougelike adventure game, in which you have to summit a dangerous mountain. If you want to survive and reach your goal you need to keep a close eye on your character’s physical condition. The dynamic and ever-changing weather system, the day-night cycles, and numerous other events will make sure that you meet tough challenges on your journey to the top.

To live up to these challenges, you are able to improve your character by developing new skills and discovering useful objects on your way. In addition, you have to reshape your character each time you start a new game. It enables you to try various strategies in your pursuit to summit the mountain.
The game focuses, on the one hand, on the decisions you make in a risky environment full of uncertainties, on the other hand, on evoking intense emotions people experience in such a harsh and savage environment.


  • A dynamic world – a randomly generated mountain conveys a new experience with each new game. The different weather situations and events influencing this world (lavinen, blizzards, earthquakes, etc.) provide new challenges while playing.
  • Crucial decisions – each decision, ranging from moving the character to complex quests, has an impact on the game world or the character. In this context, there are no right or wrong decisions. It is your strategy that shows if you’ve made the right decision or not.
  • Strategic - develop your character in various directions to find out what impact the different skills have on the outcome. Try to develop the optimal mountain climber who can climb even the most dangerous mountain. Keep planning ahead to be prepared for anything that may come your way.