Interactive Pet Curling

Game Purrling

On 70 unique tracks the player tries to shoot his animal puk into the target area. On the way there, various obstacles and different surfaces have to be overcome. As the puk moves, the player can influence the direction of the puk with up to three swipes. The more perfect the shot, the more points and stars you get. Unlock new puks and play with your favorite animal. Every month more tracks and puks are added.


  • Free to play
  • single player arcarde mode
  • influence the direction of the puk as it moves to goal
  • more than 70 unique tracks, more coming every month
  • choose your favorite animal puk
  • master various obstacles and surfaces on the increasingly complex tracks
  • Collect stars and gold for new puks
  • Simple and responsive control for smartphone and tablet

Coming February 2019