Purrling (development paused)
Interactive Pet Curling

Game (development paused) Purrling

Currently we have paused the development of Purrling, because we need all ByteRocker just for Gelly Break. As a team we pull together for 5 months. After that, of course, we resume the development of Purrling.

Thank you for testing this BETA. This is an early version of the game. Bugs and crashes may occur. We plan to update the game every two weeks. Also, we continue to work on the levels, graphics, menus, etc. for the next few weeks.
As a developer, EVERY kind of feedback helps us! Of course we are happy about positive feedback. But be critical and tell us what you do not like, what bugs you find and what your wishes are for the finished game.

For your feedback use either the feedback function here in the “Google Play Store” or use our internal feedback tool! In-Game you can use the feedback button ANYTIME and give our programmers direct feedback (including screenshot). If you want to be notified as soon as a programmer answers you, then simply enter your email address. You also can download the STOMT app for easier access to our community. If you want to see other comments and wishes, check out:


Now have fun playing Purrling!!!!!

Take a miniature golf course, freeze it completely and let different animals slide on the frozen tracks. Overcome various obstacles, traps and barriers to reach the target zone with pinpoint accuracy. Just like curling, you can give the puck a twist on its way. Swipe over the puck and give it the right direction at the right moment for the highest score.


  • Play for free!
  • Single player arcade mode
  • Explore 21 unique curling lanes
  • Master various obstacles on the increasingly complex tracks
  • hunt high scores
  • Simple and responsive control for smartphone and tablet
  • Realistic sliding behavior based on real physics
  • Different surfaces with different slide characteristics

Planned Features:

  • choose your favorite pet to play with
  • Achievments
  • Ranking
  • Monthly updates with new lanes