We are 4

Game We are 4


We Are 4 is a virtual social meeting point for four players, with focus on small arcade-like multiplayer games and short gamerounds. The goal is, to bring 4 players together and give them about an 1 hour lasting gameplay session with multiple games.
The whole game will contain a minimum of 10 minigames, delivered as separate modules.

The games will provide a variation from a simple experience for beginners in VR, to a more complex and challenging content for advanced VR gamers. All games will also have a variation of customizable game setting, so players can set up their own challenges.
All games will also provide a single player game mode

Social Features

We Are 4 will provide a connection up to 4 Players over PSN or Steam, so they can meet with known friends from their databases, as well as with strangers at random sessions.

The players are sitting on fixed places around a desk, which represents the central gamespot. This setup will avoid players from having motion sickness experiences. Every place has its own color, so players can choose their color by changing their seat position.

Beside gaming, the players can also do social interactions like VoiceChat, gestures, character interaction and character customization. We also will support cross platforming, to guarantee a large number of players.


We Are 4 will be delivered at release with 3 full playable games - presented as ingame modules, which the host player can select. Future modules will be sold separately as DLC.

Game content at release:

Balloon Blast

The idea of Balloon Blast is simple but challenging. Players must hit balloons of their own color with a slingshot to gain points. But they also can choose to burst the other players balloons as well as to distract them directly by shooting at their heads.
The Player with the most points win.
Because of the lack of any aiming assist, the game is easy to learn but takes its time to train the players accuracy. To reward players abilities, features like chain bonus, row shots and others will be offered.

Void Rider

Void Rider is an arcade like sidescrolling racing game. The players fly their spaceships around a planet through an asteroid belt. The only way to rise the speed of the ships is by collecting Power Ups. On the opposite, the ships gets slower when they take damage by weapons or by collision. So players have to fly precisely through the belt and use the Power Ups as good as possible to get ahead.

In contrast to classic 2D arcade sidescrolling games, we give the players an additional axis, which makes the game more fitting to the power of VR and provide a more interesting gameplay.

Drone Arena

One more Module is still under development and at a prototype state. It's called Drone Arena. Every player is moving a drone and has to shoot the other players drones to get points. Different types of obstacles and power ups are planned.