We are 4 (in development)

Game (in development) We are 4

"We are 4" is the second VR game by ByteRockers' Games. After the first attempts in the virtual world with our game VRog (HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR) we now try it with a multiplayer game. With up to three friends you can sit in a room of your choice and play different games projected onto your table similar to AR games.

Our idea was to give the VR players, who mostly sit alone at home and play single player games, a place where they meet to have fun together.

Unlike complex lengthy VR games or very short VR experiences, "We are 4" is always something new. The players choose from a collection of small party games (which can always be expanded) and meet new players all the time.

In "We are 4" the players decide depending on their mood, whether they want to play a demanding game on the table together or against each other or whether they want to have a fun time in their own home with crunchy party games.

Here's an example of a racing game.