Be a frog...out now at the Wii U!
October 6th, 2016


Since today our new game VRog is available in the Nintendo eShop for download.

In VRog you will be able to play in the role of a frog, who is in his lovingly designed pond on delicious flies and beetle hunting.
You have the task of playing against Time (Arcade Mode) or the Hungry Stork (Survival Mode *).
Yes you are not alone, but do not worry your abilities and a nice turtle will help you always have a snake-length before the stork.

Use for the control only the Nintendo Wii U controller. Every action is made by the
Direction of the controler, which creates a completely new player experience.

Be hungry, be smart, be careful … be VRog!

Various insects with exciting perception effects

Positive effects:

Slow down the time around you
Get the ultimate view

Negative effects:

Train your targeting from an unusual perspective

Two different game modes


React quickly and catch the fattest booty
Feed as many insects as you can in 90 secounds


Fly before the stork, as soon as he strolls around in your pond
Feed yourselves as long as the stork leaves you alone

Get VRog for the Nintendo Wii U today and let yourself be enchanted by an alternative reality!

  • Only available in the full version!