DreamHack Leipzig 2019: we are there
January 31st, 2019


The Dreamhack Leipzig will again take place this year again in Leipzig. From 15.-17. February 2019, the big exhibition halls open their doors to all gaming enthusiasts. A novelty this year is the participation of the Indie Arena Booth. After the IAB has been a strong and well attended part of the Gamescom in Cologne for years and last year also the MAG in Erfurt could enjoy this great area for indie games, Dreamhack now also has its own area for all sorts of large and small exhibitors. We are very happy to present you our current multiplayer VR title "We Are 4". Come along with your friends and experience what it means to get into a world **together.

about DreamHack Leipzig

DreamHack Leipzig is a three-day gaming festival for the German-speaking countries. It features professional e-sports tournaments, the latest hardware and software from the DreamExpo and in the DreamStore, Germany's largest LAN party, cosplay, and stars and starlets of the e-sports community.

This year, access to the DreamExpo will be granted from the age of twelve years for the first time. We will continue to have an exclusive area for people over the age of 16, these contents are marked separately on our website.