Nectarina’s Kingdom
September 21st, 2016


Queen Nectarina and her bees are busy with their preparations for the annual Nectar Festival. The smell of the nectar has attracted fleas who want to invade the beehive, but Nectarina’s legions of bees don’t see that as any kind of serious threat.

But then the humans build one of their factories near Queen Nectarina’s beehive. It contaminates large areas of the surrounding environment. Nectarina and her bees are forced to leave their home forest and begin searching for a new home.

Unfortunately, the fleas are just harbingers of the approaching Hornet Queen Hornetta, who has been genetically modified by the environmental pollution caused by the humans and now steals honey supplies and enslaves her bee relatives.

The Desert

Nectarina and her bee nation have left the forest and arrived in the desert. Only old, abandoned towers are proof that the befriended Bloomsea Bee Realm once existed here. An attack by the Hornet Warriors raises a lot of questions. Was the Bloomsea Kingdom destroyed? And why are the hornets so hostile? Bees and hornets have lived together peacefully since the dawn of time.

The Borders to the Bloomsea Bee Realm

After successfully crossing the desert, Queen Nectarina’s bees finally find themselves in fertile lands. But Rambee appears, weakened and desperate, and tells of the destruction of his tribe. The Hornet Queen uses mites to transform the bees into mindless slaves that ruthlessly attack their own family.

Queen Nectarina and her bees are shocked: Bees fighting against their own friends and relatives?! Rambee joins Queen Nectarina and follows the survivors from the Bloomsea Kingdom.

The Bloomsea Forest

They move on, eastwards through the forest. There they stumble upon the abandoned defensive positions of Rambee’s people and, with the help of Professor Beestein, they learn to use them for their own defense. But their journey has not gone unnoticed and Queen Hornetta soon appears on the scene. Her demands are hard and clear. She wants all of the bees’ honey so that she can wax her legs.

Queen Nectarina underestimates how dangerous the situation is and makes a stand against the attackers. After a large confrontation with the hornet army, the bees are not able to keep up their defenses and are forced to retreat into the mountains, leaving their honey stores behind.

The Mountains

Rambee decides to stay behind to give the fleeing bees a greater head start. He’s able to hold up the hornet army for a while, but there are far too many attackers. Suddenly, the Ninja Wasp appears. It has been living in the mountains for years and ensures the balance of nature. It decides to help the bees.

At the same time, Nectarina and her bees start to doubt if Rambee is going to return. After one of Queen Hornetta’s advance guards discovers their current encampment, they pull back further to the mountain lake. Finally, Rambee also finds his way back to Nectarina and her bees. But there’s no time for any reunion celebrations. Queen Hornetta is already right on their heels. A strenuous and relentless chase through the mountains begins.

The Hornet Forests

The bees are relieved once they are finally able to leave the mountains behind them. However, the forests that they now reach are controlled by Hornetta’s gang of thieves. Thanks to the help of Professor Beestein’s inventions, they’re able to ward off the attacks.

The Wastelands

They move on and reach withered, destroyed lands. Everything is dead and polluted. The sight of all that destroyed nature frightens the bees. They’ve never seen anything like it. To their surprise, it is exactly here that the key to the secret behind Queen Hornetta’s evilness can be found.

The Ninja Wasp saw the Hornet Queen fall into one of the many toxic ponds, and how madness then took a hold of her. Professor Beestein and the Book Scorpion examine the ponds and want to start work on an antidote. Now the plan is to leave the Wastelands and to free the Hornet Queen from her madness.

The Hornet Realm

A direct attack on Queen Hornetta doesn’t seem possible. There are too many Zombees roaming the forests. Additionally, scouts have seen a huge swarm of moths flying in the direction of the bees/forests.

Queen Hornetta is awaiting the attack and won’t give up her realm to the bees without a fight. Rambee heads out with a few bees to cut the moths off. Nectarina and the rest of the bees make a move to the Zombee dwellings. Once the moths have been stopped and the Zombee epidemic has been overcome, there’s nothing more standing in the way of a direct attack on Hornetta’s castle.

The Hornet Castle

Now, finally, the final battle lies ahead. The bees attack the Hornet Castle. Hornetta, herself, intervenes in the fighting. When she starts to waver, Rambee steps in to administer the antidote.

The Hornet Queen is healed; Hornetta’s madness is gone. She’s surprised and dismayed by the situation. Will the bees and hornets finally be able to live with each another in peace and build a new home?