Tester wanted
March 8th, 2018


Hello everybody,

For a few months now we have been developing Gelly Break for the Nintendo SWITCH. The first tests have shown that we are probably on the right track.
The game is now at a point of development where we would like to have more opinions. And what opinion would be better than YOUR!

We invite you and of course your friends to our Studio for Game Testing!

Date: 19-31 March Monday - Friday

Visit us in the heart of Berlin and experience up close what it means to develop a game. Gelly Break is a co-op puzzle & puzzle game with one goal only:



Unique levels: on their journey the Gellies cross a lot of different levels where they have to face changing challenges

Difficulty: the player can choose the path of his or her own accord, from the relaxed round with the kids to challenging jump & run for advanced players

Alone or Co-op: the player can try to defeat Evil Blob alone or together locally with a friend

Multiplayer Value: each round Gelly Break results in a new gaming experience by choosing a different partner or choosing a different path

Color characteristics: green player can interact with green things (standing on platforms, activating switches, attacking certain enemy types, etc.), red player with red

Fusion: once the players are fused, they have special abilities (shooting, driving, flying etc.)

SWITCH function: players may be required from time to time to change positions during a merger/fusion

Common Life Energy: players share their life energy

Backpack Help: stronger (better) player can take weaker "piggyback" and help him through difficult passages

With Gelly Break there is the first Nintendo SWITCH cooperation game, which clearly focuses on playing together and simultaneously
give the player the experience to control two characters simultaneously and to experiment with those skills.

You feel like having time for a one-hour testing?

Then please write us an email to info@byterockers.games with the times in which you could. Indie developers are looking for such testings and you help us with each statement to improve our little game. We are looking forward to you and your opinion!