Updates wherever you look
November 2nd, 2016


In the next weeks, you will be awaiting updates for all our games on various platforms.

We have collected all your wishes and suggestions and have come up with some great innovations for BeeFense, VRog and Honey Run.

Update Preview Honey Run 1.1

For over three years Honey Run has been one of our most successful games. With its simple control, the challenging and varied level and tasks, as well as a loving graphic, which shines with every detail, the game inspires young and old.
With the new update you get a whole new swing of new levels and abilities in form of power ups.
Here are all the novelties in detail:

  • explore the new winter world with 10 snow-covered levels
    new enemies, from now on also hornets want’s your honey

  • uses new power ups, such as the honey magnet and the safety net,
    which prevents you from falling into one of the holes

  • think about Lvl beginning with which power up you want to start
    of course minor bugfixes were also implemented

Update Preview VRog 1.1

The newest field in our ranks is Vroggy from VRog. For a few weeks now, you can explore your pond on the Nintendo WiiU. Since last week you can totally slip into the skin of the little frog. VRog is out now for the Oculus Rift, as well as for the Samsung GearVR. So you can now also play VRog on the road. But watch out! In the real world there are more dangers than storks;)

Here, too, we thought you had an update for the very successful release. What we have improved, you can see here:

  • improved menu navigation, experienced the fun as a frog bounce through life now
    already in the menu

  • improved surfaces, the floor, the water, the mirror and much more has a
    graphic fine-tuning, so that the world of Vroggy looks even more beautiful

  • discover the new “Partymode”, to find out at a common party which of you is the best frog in the pool
    smaller bugs are a thing of the past

Update Preview BeeFense 1.2

The best thing to do is to take the final step. Just having 4 weeks on all platforms, we are already giving the second update to our favorite game. In the first, we have ironed out the childhood diseases and, among other things, facilitated the healing of the Zombees.

Now in the second update you expect the following:

  • improved menu navigation, so you can find your upgrades faster and beat the hornets with new technology

  • you want better Zombees and you should have them with an improved presentation of the infection

  • BeeFense is a strategically challenging game and so you are well armed, we have reworked the tutorial

  • still too difficult or too easy ?, we have adjusted the balancing and the difficulty level in many levels … see if you can handle it

  • improved animations, many bees, hornets and the dreaded horny queen