VRog now also for the Oculus Rift
October 28th, 2016


If this is not a good news for the weekend. Since today, there is whole

Officially VRog for the Oculus Rift! In the Oculus shop you can easily download VRog for only

2,99 € and immediately enter the world of the little frog.

Welcome to VRog! Play in this innovative game in a gorgeous animated virtual reality a
Frog in his favorite stub. Jump across the small lovingly designed lake and see what it’s all about.
Get your favorite insects and hit the Highscore. But beware of the common wasps!

Play in Arcade mode or Survival mode. Be a true survival artist when it comes to the great
Stork. Maybe even a friendly turtle can help you. Simple operation and
Child-friendly, this game is suitable for anyone who wants to experience a frog adventure.

VRog plays without pressing a key. Both the snatch after your prey, as well as your movement control!

You control only with your gaze. Jump from water lily to water lily, risk a feast on a tree stump orhop on the turtle and let yourself slip from her through your pond.Thanks to the intuitive control and the unique feeling of movement, young and old alike thrill into the World of a small frog.