We present our new game Gelly Break
September 22nd, 2017


There is no more beautiful moment than the starting shot for the development of a new
game to announce. Here we present the first pictures of our newest game “Gelly Break”.

Gelly Break is a Coop Jump & Run game with puzzle pieces for the Nintendo SWITCH, which can only be played in pairs.
The indicated 3D comic style with an active camera provides a dynamic and varied player experience for younger and
older players. The target group is parents who want to play together with their children
and children between 6 – 14 years, who want to play together with their friends through the mobility of the Nintendo SWITCH (schoolyard etc.)

Action and goal of the game

On the planet Gelly (WT) live the Gall-like Gellies (WT). Their existence is threatened by the bad Evil Blob (WT). The players in the form
of two Gellies, which have been created in a laboratory, begin their adventure to save the planet, finishing in a battle with Evil Blob.

Course of the game

The game is built in a level structure. The fast entry and the entertaining
levels result in short, funny game sessions. In the course of the game the players get new skills again and again.

As the game progresses, the players expect varied puzzles, challenging jump & run passages, and
exciting “shooter passages” with changing opponents. At regular intervals there are miniboss battles with individual coping strategies.

Possible abilities

Color characteristics: green player can interact with green things
(stand on platforms, activate switches, attack certain types of opponents, etc.)

Fusion: each player gets individual new Skills
(“Tankfusion” (WT) lower player drives, upper player shoots // “Balloonfusion” (WT) upper player flies, lower carries object etc.)

SWITCH function: Players are dependent on, to change their position

Common Life Energy: Players share their life energy

Life energy as a weapon: own body mass is ammunition (experimental)

Backpack Help: stronger (better) player can take weaker “piggyback” and help him through difficult passages

Play together

With Gelly Break, there is the first Nintendo SWITCH cooperation game, which can only be played in pairs.
There is no single player mode. The hardware of the Nintendo SWITCH provides in the basic equipment
everything you need to play and is thus 100% reread.

Gelly Break resembles a society game. It would like to bring together parents and children, as well
as friends, to play together. Unlike other games, no additional hardware is required.
In addition, the Nintendo SWITCH is always ready to play as a handheld.

After only a few minutes, the catchy control provides for entertaining but always recurring fun game sessions,
which can also challenge challenging players due to the adjustable difficulty level.

The motto of Gelly Break is quite clear: “Let’s play together” and “Easy to learn, hard to master”.